PSD2 platform

Two main areas of expertise:

  1. PSD2 and Regulatory Technical Standard (RTS) compliance
  2. Third Party Provider (TPP) core application (Bank API; (XS2A); Client’s API; SCA; PIS functionalities, AIS functionalities, Consent management, and supporting services; (Transaction Monitoring, reports. AML, API monitor etc.)

For PSD2 and RTS compliance we offer:

  • Guidance in establishing internal processess needed for acquiring PSD2 licence.
  • Consultancy for PSD2 & RSA license (assessment of the current state, gap analysis, the definition of necessary steps to achieve the license, project oversight, and delivery of needed documents etc.).
  • Assist with development of internal documents – internal policies, regulation and compliance.
  • Create governance risk and compliance, policies and documentation.
  • Establish internal processes and develop policies for RTS GRC support (Governance Risk and Compliance). Frameworks that are commonly used are ITIL, COBIT; NIST; ISO27001/27002, ISO 22301; IT risk management/ISMS, Internal  IT Audit, Business Continuity; Regulatory reporting.
  • Provide specialised sub processes for PSD2, such as Incident Management; API monitoring; PSD2 Audti, AML compliance.

For TPP core application

We can provide a software solution that integrates Payment Initiation Service (PIS) and Account Information Service (AIS) services into your core systems. Removing the need for architectural system redesign/refactoring.

  1. Implementation of PIS and AIS service on a Bank’s API
    1. sandbox implementation
    2. Production API implementation
  • PIS (payment services)
  1. AIS (Account information services)
  1. partner API custom development (according to clients specification/business needs)

Currently in development and part of the application roadmap

  1. Transaction Monitoring
  2. Payment regulatory reporting
  3. AML


IN REBUS – we provide software development services. Our team consists of experienced designers-developers and a network of consultants.

Experience in different industries makes it easy for us to help our client reach their goal.